Twisted Shotz

Please drink responsibly don’t drink and drive and don’t drink if you are under 21.

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Ohh twisted shots how I love you. Let me count the ways Buttery nipples, screaming o’s, porn star, chocolate buttery nipples and so much more and all in a pre measured cup. You drink enough of these lewdly named drinks and you may start wondering just how to get into webcamming yourself! Do you love all the different flavored shots you can have but can never make them right? Or have the right stuff to do it? Well not you can have all your favorites or all your guests favorite quick easy and already made. No more hanging out behind the bar serving the whole time just put out a bucket of ice set shots in and party the night away with your friends. I also love that these are plastic cups you can clean and re use and don’t have to worry about broken glass at your party or if you sneak them into somewhere. (Which of course I would never suggest) but they do fit perfect in your purse or pocket.

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I love the party pack get a few different ones to try out.

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The party pack comes with 15 shots

Strawberry Sunday


Buttery Nipple

Sex On The Beach

Porn Star

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When I first meet them at blogher 14 I knew I was in love. Now that I have tried all the other flavors I love them even more. They have one for everyone no matter what your favorite flavor is they have one for you. The only suggestion I have for this awesome company, get them into Golf courses. These will sell like crazy and then I won’t have to sneak them Make sure to stock up on these for your upcoming holiday party they will be the hit of the party for sure


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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.