Turbo on Netflix

                  Turbo on Netflix

On July 31st, Turbo and his crew take Turbotown by storm in the all-new season of DREAMWORKS TURBO FAST, premiering exclusively on Netflix July 31st.  The world’s coolest snails take a turn off the track and set off on a wild ride filled with hilarious hijinks at every turn.  You’ll laugh out loud when they launch into outer space, battle an apocalyptic robot, clash with a ninja stinkbug and escape a booby-trapped treasure hunt.  

  Ok I know you are all going to think I am crazy but I still have not seen the Turbo movie.  So when I got the chance to check out 2 episodes on Netflix I jumped on it.  My nephews love the movie and I was excited to be able to talk to them about it finally.  For those that don’t know Turbo is about a very fast snail.  When I first clicked in the link to watch these I asked my son if he wanted to watch with me.  He of course has also not seen the movie so told me no, so I went ahead and started it.  He was running over and taking over my seat in a matter of seconds.  He loved these two episodes.  In between he would get up and run around the house yelling I am so fast I am turbo lol.  I am guessing it’s a winner for him.  He watched them 5 times each then asked me to go buy the movie. 


  For these 2 great episodes they had very fun story lines.  One was Turbo teams up with the stinger to help fight crime.  They soon realize that the stinger causes more problems than he helps.  The second with the snack bandits were Skid & shadow have to help stop them while watching the last season of gossip snail and trying not to hear any of the spoilers.  There were both fantastic episodes that will have you kids sucked right in and also trying to be as fast as turbo.  These are fantastic for any family. 


I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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