The Fishing Caddy

Fishing Caddy

You know when it comes to hubby it is so hard to find the perfect gift. He only does 2 things he golfs and he fishes. Seeing how he even owned his own bait company I did not think there was much more I could buy him. I though he had it all that was until I saw the perfect present for him this year The Fishing Caddy

Fishing Caddy

Now if you have a hubby like mine he will go long and far to find the best fishing spot. Hell, he may even find the best marine gps 2019 to help him with his fishing efforts. Yes, I have even been know to go on these adventures with him. One thing i never bring with me is a place to sit. Now I know I can sit on the ground but now I wont have too. The Fishing Caddy not only has everything I will need but the top is not a seat. Bam this girl is now a happy one.

Fishing Caddy

Now for me the seat is the best part but for hubby there is so much more. The Dual Rod holder attachment is by far his favorite on the caddy.

There is so much more

  • 1 Fishing Caddy
  • (Holds up to 30 lbs of water weight for stability)
  • 1 Dual Rod holder attachment
  • 1 Led light Attachment
  • 2 Bright LED lights (Batteries included)
  • 1 Universal Bracket
  • 1 Padded handle
  • 1 Quick Release Water Spigot
  • 1 Plush Padded Seat (Free Upgrade to our 360 Thicker Swivel Seat)
  • 1 XL Detachaole Cupholder

Fishing Caddy

Think of how much more relaxing your next trip is going to be when you have everything right at your fingertips. We love fishing in our family and The Fishing Caddy is going to make it so much more organized and fun this year.


We got this free in exchange for an honest review.

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