Start your Bucket List with Try the World Subscription Snack Box

Try The World

The one thing at the top of my bucket list is to travel the world. I may or may not thought about how it would be if I was to get a campervan hire in Queenstown (if I planned a trip to New Zealand) and went on a road trip with some of my friends! That’s such an exciting thought. I would love nothing more than to pack up a bag and travel everywhere, checking out all the sights and trying all the food.

The thing about having a bucket list is that it is personal. You don’t have to compete with anyone when it comes to achieving your goals. Whether you want to go san diego whale watching, watch a musical in theatre, go skydiving or publish a book, as long as you manage to tick off your goals, that’s all that matters. If it takes days, months or years, that doesn’t make a difference.

Unless I happen to win the lotto this is never going to happen. With Try the World I can at least try some of the best snacks and/or foods from around the world every month.

IMG_8545 IMG_8591

You can even buy in a few different ways. You can also choose to pay every month, pay every six months, or just pay for the whole year up front. If you choose the Try The World Snack Box and pay for a full year you will get each box for just $15.00 a month. If you are just looking for a specific product you can shop by product and just buy the one thing you are dying to try.


In this month’s Snack Box, I got

IMG_8598 IMG_8599

Acai – Covered Apples from Brazil


Crispy Fruit Chips from Costa Rica


Marshmallow Popcorn from United Kingdom


Plantain Chips with Pacific Sea Salt from Ecuador

IMG_8595 IMG_8594

Turkish Delights from Turkey

As you can see they have a fantastic collection in every day. If you get the snack box you can taste from around the world in one box. If you go with the food box, they have one special country every month. You cannot go wrong with either of them. I would completely recommend this subscription box to everyone.

Try The World

I got this box free to try in exchange for my honest opinion.