SR9009: Review, Results, and Side Effects

SR9009, also known as Stenabolic, is a synthetic drug that interacts with androgen receptors and produces anabolic benefits without androgenic side effects. It is a research drug that is ascribed to a chemical class known as Rev-Erb agonists. The Stenabolic activates the Rev-Erb protein, which regulates the body’s circadian rhythm or internal clock. 


The FDA has not yet approved SR9009 for human use. However, clinical trials are regularly in progress to experiment with the safety and efficacy of humans. The success of the trials will lead to SR9009 being approved. But regardless of FDA disapproval, it did not deter athletes or bodybuilders from the sale or use of the drugs though.


SR9009 Benefits


Anecdotal proof by users who have been in contact with the product says it will:

  • improve your metabolism and absorption capacity.
  • help muscles and body relax through the best use of your sleep routine.
  • raise the levels of oxygen within your body and allows the use of more fat.
  • reduce tiredness.
  • help in balancing the rhythms of your heart.
  • Take your workouts to another level.
  • preserve muscle mass while cutting.


It is on sale online as a “research chemical” and not meant for human consumption, despite often being packaged in capsule form or as a liquid in a dropper bottle. They are not illegal to buy either.


How Does SR9009 Differ from Other SARMS?


SARMs are a supplement designed to mimic the effects of anabolic steroids but without negative side effects. SR9009 happens to be a prevalent SARM on the market and is often likened to other products in this category. 


SR9009, unlike other SARMs, is very selective in its action, such that it only affects certain areas of the body. For example, SR9009 has increased muscle growth in the legs and arms without affecting other body areas, like the liver or kidneys. This causes SR9009 to be a much safer option than other SARMS that may have more systemic impacts. 


SR9009 is also known to increase endurance and stamina. That is why athletes and bodybuilders make it a favored alternative for an edge during competition.


How is SR9009 Dosed?


  1. Although SR9009 has no guided dosage, anecdotal evidence recommends for most athletes and bodybuilders 10-40mg daily for 6-8 weeks. Higher doses may be needed for people or athletes with a high level of body fat. 


  1. Having a half-life of 4-5 hours, most athletes divide their SR9009 daily dose into smaller amounts and take these doses throughout the day. 


  1. SR9009 seems to have low bioavailability, and many users appear to inject it rather than take it orally.


  1. When taken at night, SR9009 makes falling and staying asleep easy. When taken during the day, SR9009 has been demonstrated to enhance alertness and focus. 


Side effects of SR9009


Research reveals that SR9009 deeply impacts the circadian rhythm. While findings from these researches cannot be extrapolated to humans, they firmly reveal that it is possible SR9009 could have a negative effect on sleep. The alertness SR9009 causes in users and the reduced need for sleep and rest can lead to other severe disorders and health problems in the long term.


Nevertheless, besides alertness, some have experienced severe headaches, increased water retention, fatigue, nausea and other problems when they first start taking SR9009. That can ultimately hurt your training. However, these side effects are often mild and go away on their own. 


SR9009 Before and After Results


Some users share their experiences of having witnessed results within a couple of weeks of consuming SR9009. There are people who revealed a rather more dramatic effect such as reduced body fat, greater muscle definition and volume, and higher stamina and endurance.


Where to Buy Legal SR9009 Stenabolic


SR9009 is currently legal for sale and use anywhere except Australia owing to the difference in legislation as compared to other countries. Hence, using compounds like SR9009 and other SARMs in Australia is highly prohibited whether with a prescription or not. Only for research basis is the product accepted. It becomes available following a particular process with a clear tag “Research Chemical” or “Not for human consumption”.


However, it is arguably the most popular SARM available to buy over the counter or online. The SR9009 are currently listed on sites but primarily for sale for research only and not for human consumption. It is claimed not to be a supplement, drug, cosmetic, or food and it should not be tagged, misused, branded as that or for sale on such.


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