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You all know I love beauty products; I was so excited when I got to work with Simply Spoiled.  They have some very cute beauty products that I have not seen before.  I noticed on the site they have a ton of nail products so I was dying to try out a few and of course a few other of their items.  When they showed I was very impressed with the nail colors.  They were very bright and of course had a glitter part to so I could go extra shinny.

The nail polishes go on lighter so you can decide on how bright you want to make them.  I did 2 coats and it came out exactly how I wanted them.  I did the French manicure with the glitter part. Very easy to do.  Just paint your nails with your base coat and let dry.  Then get the blue painters tape and put over nail.  This will give you a straight line (make sure base coat is completely dry).  Then just paint your next color and let dry.  Just peel of the tape and you are done.  Very quick and easy to do at home.  The nail colors went on smooth and no clumps. I also got these cute nail art guys that I was dying to use but they were all stolen every time I took one out to use it disappeared.  I came to find out baby boy thought they were for him and now has his own little collection.  So my warning here is if you want to use these adorable little guys (the turtle was my favorite) make sure your little one is passed out lol.

The storage container was fantastic I loved the size.  This was perfect for my hair things I always have laying around everywhere and the little circle containers of makeup that always get lost.  They fit perfect and helped clean up my makeup area.  The drawers worked perfect and I could also stack these containers for more space on my counter.


The eye liner/ lip liner.  I got the Noir so I just used it as eye liner and it went on very smooth.  This one I had to get started by rubbing it on a piece of paper, once I did that I went on nice and smooth.  This was a thicker eye liner so if you want to go for the smoky eye look this one is perfect.  You will not have to go over it again and again to get the thicker look you want.  If you want a darker look, just hold over a lighter for 1-2 seconds.  Don’t do it for any longer or you will melt it.

Simply Spoiled has a ton of very cute items for a very good price.  I would recommend them to everyone.  They were very nice to work with and are always there to answer any questions you may have.

They have even offered us a coupon code for 35% off your order.  Just use code tabby at check out

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below