Samsung Home

Samsung Home

I got to see some awesome new items for you home and I had to share a few


Cloth Diapering mamas,  This one is for you.  You can put right in the nursery to clean your little ones diapers or other clothes.  It is gentle enough to not destroy anything but will clean and sanitize for your next use.  No more storing and smelling them till you get to the laundry room.



Here is one of my favorite.  You all know I love love love my kitchen.  I would love it even more with a few of these beauties.


so many compartments and a separate drawer for drinks.  This rocks.

Look how sleek they all look together


Duel cooking and 5 burners.  Thanksgiving made easy.




what the temp right on there awesome.


They have some awesome products they are a must check out.  I got to see some of these products at Blogher and I fell in love with them all.

Too check out more products head to there facebook page here