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Robert Matthew Stella Satchel Tote Review

Does your purse help you say who you are?  If not it really should.  This is an accessory that goes with you everywhere and everyone will see.  Robert Matthew has one of the most beautiful purse and wallet collection out there.  The creativity and care that goes into all their designs is just astounding.   I love showing off my mood and my style with my purse there is so much that your purse can say about you before you even meet the person.  Plus I have gotten so many compliments on this purse I love knowing I have a beautiful purse everyone wants.

The Stella Satchel tote is not only beautiful it is very functional.  It has the zipper lock and the cross over lock.  This is going to be perfect for traveling to New York this week.  I know my stuff is safe and secure but it looks fantastic.  It has the handles for carrying or you can use the shoulder strap.   Inside there is 5 different pockets 2 of them are zippered, perfect to make sure you can get all your stuff quick and easy without a huge mess inside.

They had 11 different colors to choose from.  I am in love with every color you could get quite a perfect collection just from this bag alone.  But don’t buy all the colors at one till you take a look at the rest of the collections.  This bag is not only perfect for a special present to buy for yourself, but this will make a perfect holiday present for that special someone on your list this year.

They offered us a very special promo code.  Now you can give that special someone this fantastic gift at 50% off any color Stella they have in stock on their website.  That is right half off get her 2 for the holidays .  I am in love with all their collection and can’t wait to add more to my personal collection.

50% off with code  :  TABBYSTELLA

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below


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