Red Star Sunglasses

Red Star Sunglasses

As you all know I love a great pair of sunglasses, so when I got the chance to try out a pair of red star I was very excited.  I picked a polarized pair and of course I had to go with orange.  I have loved all the great orange colors out there this season and these made a perfect accessory for all my outfits.  I noticed first when they came they had a fantastic case.  I have bough quite a few that never came with a case and they always got scratched in no time.  The glasses themselves were very good quality.  They were not flimsy and the lenses were very clear.  These were a really nice pair of sunglasses.  They are also very easy to find. Lol if you like sports these are the ones for you.  They hug your head so they won’t fall off easily.  I wish I had these when I used to snowboard.  I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I ruined back then.


They have a ton to pick from.  If you don’t want to go with the bright orange like I did it’s not a problem.  They have so many different sizes and styles you are sure to find ones that you love.  They are even offering you all a fantastic deal.  You can get a $500.00 gift card for free using code MTA14.  You will have to pay shipping and handling but this is a fantastic deal.  You can get a few pairs and be ready for spring and summer.  They have such a great line of sunglasses they are a must check out.  They also carry a line of watched that are very nice.

Picture no makeup taken after my workout 🙂

I would recommend them to everyone

To get your gift card and start shopping head here