Red Apple Lipstick Orange Lipstick

Red Apple Lipstick Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick is not just for Halloween anymore.  When I was in High School our colors were orange and black.  It was so hard finding orange lipstick for spirit week.  Our only option was the bright orange Halloween color.  So when I got the chance to try out a few of Red Apples orange lipsticks I was so excited.   I already knew I loved red apple lipstick but I had never tried an orange one.  The colors were not only vibrant but looked great.  The lipsticks themselves are very easy to put on you don’t even need a lip brush to get the perfect look they glide right on.    The new orange lipstick colors that are out are fantastic.  They really do look fantastic on so many skin tones you cannot go wrong.  They have everything from brighter orange to a browner orange and a fantastic mint lip gloss.


This is a brighter orange.


This orange looks to me to have a touch of red in it.

Push Pop

An orange with a touch of brown in it

Fuzzy Naval

This is an Orange minty lip gloss.  Glides on smooth gives a great shine and is not sticky at all.


Red apple is known for its fantastic gluten free lipstick and eye shadows.  I love the fact that they started out with making the perfect red lipstick and have continued to make every other color you can think of.  I have found so many fantastic original colors I am in love.  They always have awesome sales, so make sure to head to the facebook link below and like them.  There sales are fantastic and I truly take advantage of them.    They also post fantastic videos for help with everything on how to get the look to how to clean your makeup brushes.  This is truly a company to keep an eye out on.  They are even coming out with gluten free mascara.  Even if you are not a gluten free person you will fall in love instantly with their great products.

Pushpop, Firefly, Sunkissed, Fuzzy Navel (gloss)

I would recommend them to everyone

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