Purex Ultra Packs Plus OXI

I got the chance to try out the Purex with OXI tabs and loved them.

       These are so easy to use just pen the bag and pop one into the washing machine.  I love a great detergent but what I love even ore is a great detergent that also makes doing laundry easier.  These great packs you just grab and throw in the washing machine and everything you need is right it is so your job until it’s time to put in the dryer is done.

      These packs already have the stain remover right n them so no need to waste time on adding more stain remover to your load.  With my baby boy this is a plus he could be in a white sterilized room and he would come out dirty and covered with satins.   This also have 2X concentrated formula in every pack a low-sudsing formula that rinses clean.  I even used on my hubbys socks his feet are very sensitive to a lot of detergents and he did not get any rash or reaction from this detergent.  The Purex is also a very reasonable price at your local grocery store.

I would recommend this product to everyone

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