PUR Ultimate 11 cup pitcher

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For our new college students there is nothing I can recommend more for your new Apartment or Dorm room then a great water pitcher. Reading reviews for water filtering products on websites like https://waterfilterway.com taught me that a water filter can save a lot of money. Let’s say it’s been a few years seine I went to college but one thing that always rubbed me wrong, was having to pay $2 for one bottle of water. When I had a 10 hour day if I forgot my supplies, I would end up spending $10 a day just to have enough water to drink. Not to mention if you live in the dorm rooms you are either going to waste a ton of money on bottles of water, or you can buy a few reusable bottles and fantastic taste water for FREE. This is a perfect gift for the college student on your list. Make sure while you are at the store pick up one for yourself too. In our house alone this little baby saves us over $1000 a year and countless plastic bottles in the landfill.

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I have been threw a ton of water pitchers living where we do we have a ton of sulfur in the water. Not one pitcher has helped so far, until I tried the PUR the water taste fantastic and I could drink this all day. I no longer buy any water bottles I just got a few glass ones and I refill them with the pitcher. This is the perfect way to go. I just have to mention once again the water is the best I have tasted from a water pitcher ever.

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I was so excite when I found out that all PUR filters fit into all of the pitchers and dispensers. No more reading the back off all the boxes to find out if it fits your model. The one filter will filter over 40 gallons which will last about 2 months. The filter is very easy to install and the water reservoir is not only big but drains fast. You will not have to wait 30 minutes to have the water filter. The indication light on the top is also fantastic. No more guessing of the filter needs to be replaced it lights up for you so you will know right away.

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I was truly impressed with this pitcher. I would recommend it to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.