Pink Powder Parlor Lip Gloss

Pink Powder Parlor Lip Gloss

As you all know I am a lip gloss lover I never leave the house without lip stick and lip gloss.  I am a true believer that the color of your lip’s can completely change your mood.  Pink Powder Parlor has not only a ton of colors to choose from, from gloss to stick, but they carry a whole line of great make up in some of the most beautiful and vibrant colors I have seen.  I want to also note for all our cheerleaders out there, or if you just want to show your school spirit they have sprit glosses in a ton of colors.  I wish they would have had this for us when I was Cheering I would so have rocked the orange lip-gloss.

The first one I tried was the gloss.  This instantly became one of my favorite.  Not only is it a real lip brush in it, but the shine was unmatched.  I could not believe the shine I got out of just one application.  There is a little tint to the gloss which was a very nice color.  I know the next question you are going to ask is and the answer is NO it was not sticky at all.  We all know I cannot stand a sticky lip gloss and this was perfect no sticky at all a tint of color and shine like you would not believe.  The lip shine lip gloss comes in 6 different colors for only $11.00 each.  This is a must try you will not believe the shine from this wonderful lip gloss.


The next one I tried was the Lip and Cheek Pen.  I was very excited for this one.  I have never tried one of the pens before and I am so excited that I did.  The Raspberry color was fantastic.  A bright and vibrant color and the pen was amazing.  It had a Lip brush tip just click the bottom and the color comes out.  With this one you can add more color with more clicks or do a lighter color. I was truly amazed by the lip pen it went on like a lip stain but left your lips moisturized like a lip stick.  I was leery about doing the cheeks on how it would work but it worked great.  Just dab a little on and blend and it gave me a great tint.  The color was long lasting and very moisturizing.   This fantastic pen comes in 4 different colors and is only $10.00 each a fantastic deal.

This is the pen and the gloss together.  I love the way they look together.

I am truly in love with Pink Powder Parlor and would recommend them to everyone.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys. Please see full disclosure below