A Guide to Getting a Pet for Your Kid

Getting a pet is one of the highlights of most childhoods, with many kids spending their days longing for a furry friend to call their own. If you have finally given in to the endless nagging and not-so-subtle hints, you may feel overwhelmed with where to start when it comes to choosing a pet for your kid. Pet ownership should not be undertaken lightly, and here is a guide to the most significant considerations which you need to think about before committing to taking on a new member of the family.

What type of animal is perfect for children? 

If this is going to be your child’s first pet, you should consider opting for smaller animals, such as hamsters, mice, and guinea pigs. These are traditional starter pets, and, while they still need care and attention, they require much lower maintenance than animals such as dogs and cats. This means that your child can experience the pleasure of having a pet for the first time while understanding the commitment that a pet requires. This can prepare them for the ownership of larger and more demanding animals in the future.

However, if your kid is nagging you for a more interactive pet, the traditional choice of pet for families is a dog. Dogs may be high maintenance, but they can act as furry friends to your kids, giving them affection in return for the time that they demand. Not only can they be taken everywhere with you, but they can also encourage your family to get out and about and exercise regularly.

How can you maintain your pet’s health? 

When you have decided on a pet for your child, you must research how best to maintain their health. As well as providing them with the appropriate care, it is essential to sign them up with a veterinarian, such as those at heartandpaw.com. They can ensure that your animal’s health remains high by providing them with regular check-ups, vaccinations, and flea treatments. Not only this but if your pet becomes ill, they can help to return them to full health in no time at all. 

How much does a pet cost?

Throughout its lifetime, the average dog will cost you $42,000. Although this is spread over a ten to fifteen-year period, the extensive vet bills, food, holiday care, and entertainment that you need to provide for them can add up to over $50 a month. If you are looking at owning a cat, the total is slightly less, with estimates coming in at over $1,000 for their first year. This is something that you need to take into consideration if you have multiple pets or if you are unsure what your financial situation will look like in the future.

Should you adopt a pet? 

When you are considering getting a pet for your child, you should weigh the benefits of adopting a pet from a shelter or charity. Not only will you be helping animals in need, but you will also be helping to reduce the number of strays in America, with there being around 70 million homeless animals in the USA. However, dogs and cats cannot always be adopted by families with young children due to their individual needs, such as that of a quiet home, and so you should speak to the shelter in question about your requirements before you make a decision.