How To Create A Safe Online Experience For Your Customers

Finally, when itAs a business, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your customers online. While you can’t protect them fully, especially if they’re vulnerable to falling victim to online scams, you can still do as much as possible.


The more you protect them, the more opportunities they’ll have for a great online experience with your business. The one time that they experience a problem through cyber crimes when shopping via your site, is the one time it takes for them to walk away from your business for good.


There are many ways to help create that safe online experience. With that being said, here are some top tips to help your customers enjoy a safe shopping experience with your business via the Internet.

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Provide plenty of options for communication

First and foremost, make sure your communications are top-notch for all customers both old and new. Whether that’s a live chat service to help customers in real-time to email and social media direct messaging, there’s plenty to choose from.


The more communication channels you offer as a business, the better experience your customers will have as a result. If they, therefore, run into any problems at whatever time of day, there should always be communication available for them to interact with.


Chatbots are also worthwhile if you’ve got a sizeable knowledge base available. As a business, you should be actively building your knowledge base so your customer agents are spending less time answering the same queries over and over again.

Use the right software for merchant accounts

When customers are making a purchase online, they’re likely to be cautious about making a payment on a site they’ve never used before. Even if it looks legitimate to them, there will likely be some hesitancy, which is where your business comes in.


Offering a secure and trustworthy payment process is important, especially for new customers to the business itself. A platform like Humbolt provides high-risk merchant accounts to those that are wanting to create the safest and most secure online experience for customers. 


There will also be businesses that operate in a more risky industry, which is why a high-risk merchant account may be needed.

Enable multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is one of those features that is greatly appreciated in the security domain. If you’re new to multi-factor authentication, it’s often offered to those platforms where you want that extra layer of security like online banking for example.


By enabling a multi-factor authentication feature, you’ll be able to give your customers the opportunity to add that extra layer of security that might be needed. Think about introducing it on your site for those who might want to implement it on their account. It shows you’re going above and beyond to help keep customer accounts as secure as possible.

Educate your customers about security and safety online

As a business, it’s important to educate your customers when it comes to security and safety online. Not every customer is going to have the same proficiency when it comes to online security and protecting themselves.


By providing them with educational content, resources, and general guidance on staying safe online, they’re more likely to have a positive experience with your business as a result. While you can’t guarantee their safety online to the full extent, you can do your best to ensure they’re shopping and navigating the online world as safely as possible. 

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Use fraud prevention tools

To help with fraudulent activity and potential cyber attacks, it’s worth investing in some fraud prevention tools. There’s a lot out there that can give you that extra set of eyes you’ll need to spot and monitor anything that doesn’t seem quite right.


Cybercriminals are good but they can often make mistakes. Having fraud prevention tools to hand can be useful when these individuals slip up online. These are helpful tools that will ensure your business is more secure as a result. 

Install an SSL certificate

Finally, when it comes to showing reliability and trust as an online business, it’s worth installing an SSL certificate. This is a digital identifier that’s worth having in place to show your customers that you’re a legitimate business online.


This is particularly useful for new users who are only just discovering your business for the first time. These are easy to install and are great for those who are looking to secure their online experience for your customers.


Create a safe online experience for your customers by using the tips above.