Nuby Nail Care Set

We got to try the nuby nail care set and loved it.


I have to be honest here when we first had baby boy I was terrified of cutting his nails.  He was so tiny.   The first time we cut his nails was a disaster we cut his little finger I was upset for hours.  After that I took him to my sister once a week and had her do it.  It is now a running joke when we go visit her I call ahead and make an appointment with my nephew for her to do it.  Now this is just a joke I have finally got my nerve up to do it myself.  Baby boy now loves to get is nails done he likes them cut and filed and buffed Lol.  The problem I was having with it was the nail clippers I was using where tinny tiny and I could not get a good grip with them.

When these showed up I was instantly excited the clipper were still tiny but they had a bigger back part for a good fit for my hands.  I can move them to which ever angle I need without the fear of them falling or cutting the wrong place.

The little emery boards are perfect size for his little nails and not to rough. I can get those pesky little sharp edges and not worry about him scratching up his little face or mine.


It even came with a set of scissors.  I love these they come in handy when baby boy has a hang nail.  I never really knew what to do when he got one.  I know when I get one and pull it off it hurts for days.  With these cute little scissors I can cut it off for him and it does not hurt him.


I would recommend this cute little nail care set for all.


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I would like to note all though I was given it free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.