Career Ideas More Moms Should Consider

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No matter how much help you have, being a working mom is always difficult. There are only so many hours in the day and when you have to juggle a full-time job with caring for your kids and ensuring that you don’t drop the ball on either, it can be really hard.


You should not, though, let that put you off if you are thinking about getting back to work because, of course, work can be very fulfilling, allowing you to use your skills in a different way than you would usually get to at home, and actually, there are a lot of career options that can give you a much better work-life balance.


There are so many careers out there that don’t have too many moms doing them, but which more moms should definitely get into for their own benefit and the benefit of those industries. Here are some of the most interesting:


Virtual Assistant


Most moms are really good at being organized p- they have to be if they are to get the children ready for school and extracurricular activities while managing the household, looking after everyone’s health, and …well you get the idea, So, it is fair to say that more moms should be applying to be virtual assistants. Their clients will benefit from having the most organized help ever, and working moms will benefit from being able to work flexibly from home doing a job that plays to their skillset, so


HVAC Repair


HVAC repair, plumbing, and other similar trades have long been the preserve of the male of the species, but these days, more and more women are choosing to go into them, although there are still too few ladies choosing such careers.


When you think about it, being an HVAC repair person is a great job for a mom to have because, not only can you study for your qualifications at home via AtHomePrep, but the job can be very flexible. It’s really easy to book clients in for times when your kids are at school or otherwise engaged, and the pay is good enough that you don’t have to work every hour to make ends meet. So, if you think you could be good at it, why not give it a go?




Although things have gotten better recently, tech is still very much a male-dominated industry and that needs to change. It needs to change because women use tech just as much as men, and their experiences and needs are not often taken into account. By training as a programmer, developer, or data scientist, for example, you could blaze the trail and put women at the forefront of tech, while potentially also working from home and setting a great example to your kids of what is possible if you work hard and want to achieve a goal. 


Hopefully, this has given you a few more ideas about the kind of work you could do as a working mom, that is both fulfilling and that can fit in with your mom duties too.