Mini Mate

                           Mini Mate Review

  If you are anything like me you have a fridge full of food that always goes bad way to quick.  Even when I have the baking soda in there it does nothing.  So when I got the chance to check out the Mini Mate I was so excited.  If this could help the smells and keep my food fresher longer think of the money it would save me.  This actually showed up a day before I left for New York so to give it a real try I stocked my fridge up put in the batteries put in the fridge and off on vacation I went.

  I was gone for about 2 weeks and when I got back my asparagus and strawberries were still good to eat.  The strawberries were a little soft but hey let’s be honest they would normally never last 2 weeks in there anyway.  Normally if my little one does not eat them in a day a week later they are growing some not so pretty stuff. Lol This worked like a dream.  I am so excited I got to try it out.  If you want to save money and get rid of those smells in the fridge make sure to get one of these.   You want even better news you can buy it right now for $29.95 + shipping.  This is a great deal, no more crusty bottle of baking soda in the fridge just put in batteries and you are done. I would recommend this to everyone.  If you love your kitchen and to cook make sure to check this out.

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.