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I am so excite to announce that my favorite hair color has now come out with fantastic new hair styling products.  I have not had the chance to try these yet but I know if they are half as good as their hair dye they will be awesome.  This time of year is when most people need help styling with all the outdoor fun and humidity a lot of us can use all the help we can get


The STYLE is a Lightweight, frizz-free hold.  If you are like me this is perfect for when you are blow-drying your hair.  I could really use some frizz free hold to help tame my hair.  It always turns out straight but it also looks like I stuck my hand in a light socket.


The Tame is for Smooth and shine.  Have you ever gone to bed with wet hair?  If you are like me this can be great you can wake up with the perfect beach waves but they need to be smoothes out and a little shine would be great.  I like my hair to looks shinny and just cleaned not like I have a pound of product in it.


With Madison Reed you can order just the once or have it set up to send it to you every few months.  If you need to cancel it’s not a problem at all.  Just give them a call and they will get it taken care for you with no questions asked. 

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