Loving Green this Summer

    Loving Green this Summer


Ok so I found this sight Dress Lily on facebook.  They had this very cute dress and with the discount would be around $11.00 shipped.  I saw all the comments below the picture saying do not order this place is no good but for $11.00 I really wanted the dress so I took a chance.  The shipping did take awhile they ship from China.  Other then that the dress was exactly what I wanted.   


Dress lily dress was double lined so it was not see threw.  A bright green a color this color is so hard to find, when I find it I buy it.  It had a decorative back and a beautiful flow too it. To shop dress lily head here


My shoes are Crocks.  Sorry all they don’t make this design anymore but yes crocks does make cute heals/wedges.  You should definitely check out their line.  They are cute and comfy.  You can now wear crocks all day and look fantastic.   As a bonus they are on sale right now too.



Crock heals starting at $39.00 At Crocs.Com!


Purse is SUSU a fantastic bag.  This bag I have had for moths and it still looks brand new.  Enough space to hold everything without being too big.  The stitching is fantastic.  This is truly a statement bag.





Spring 2015

The Bracelet is from Lulu jewelry.  I love that they have affordable jewelry that looks very expensive.  The shine on this bracelet makes it look like I spent big bucks on it.  Click here to shop LULU


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