Letters from Santa

Letters from Santa Review

  This is such a great gift for anyone on your list.  What kid would not get excited by a letter from Santa and his reindeer?  When this came little guy was so excite to see what was inside. Not only did it have his name on it from Santa but it was a big shinny red envelope.  It really caught his eye.

  When we opened the package there were so many great items in it he as jumping for joy.  Not only did it have the letter from Santa and his reindeer, but it also had a game board, stickers, and a certificate for being on the nice list.  The certificate was a great tough he was so excited that he made the list and Santa noticed.

  This is such a great present for the little one on your list.  It lets them know that Santa is thinking of them and knows they have been good this year.  As a parent it is also a little reassurance that they will keep on being good this year.  Now they will know Santa is watching.  This is an awesome product.  I think every parent would love it.  They even have 3 different packages to choose from, so no matter what your budget is they will have a perfect one for you and your little one.

They have even offered us a fantastic discount code use code SantaTW when checking out for 15% off


To buy your very own letter from Santa head here