An Overview of Just Sold Postcards

If you’re a good estate agent, you know that acquiring new listings is vital. More listings that you can have, the more profits you could earn. One method to get new listings is to send out postcards.


Just sold postcards inform potential customers that you recently sold a home in the area they live in and that they should contact you if they’re interested in putting their house on the market.


What is a Just-sold Postcard?


These are one of the types of direct-mail marketing real estate agents utilize to get leads. The principle is simple and the agent will send postcards to all people living in a particular geographic area when they have successfully closed the sale in that region.


The goal is that people who receive them will be so impressed by the agent’s achievements that they’ll decide to market their home. These cards can be a successful marketing tool but must be done with caution.


How Can These Benefit Real Estate Brokers Obtain New Listings?


  1. Aid Brokers by Building Credibility

Establishing credibility with prospective clients isn’t easy when you’re a novice property broker. For one thing, what’s the reason someone would offer their house to you in the first place if they know nothing about you?


They can aid this problem by showing prospective buyers that you’ve sold properties previously. Additionally, it can increase trust and build confidence, which is crucial when trying to get new listings.


  1. Assist Agents by Generating Leads

Postcards are an excellent way to get leads. If potential customers look at your recently sold postcard and are interested, they might be interested in listing their house with you.

Even though just a tiny percentage of those who receive your newly sold postcard turn into leads, it could still be a profitable marketing method.


  1. Postcards Aid Estate Agents Stay at the Top

When potential buyers consider selling their home, They may not immediately consider your company. However, if they’ve been a recipient of your postcards, you’ll be in their minds when they decide to sell their house. Thus the targeted audiences know your name.


  1. Helps Real Estate Agents by Providing an Easy Method to Stay in Contact

It isn’t easy to keep in touch with prospective customers, particularly those who aren’t ready to market their properties. It is a great way to communicate to keep the name of your business visible to them. You can also include an individual note on the card to express your opinion about them.


  1. Postcards Aid Real Estate Agents by Giving Them an Advantage over Their Competitors

You’re already ahead of your competitors if you mail postcards. This is because many real estate agents do not employ this marketing method. With postcards, you can find new listings and expand your business.



Just Sold Postcards are an excellent method for real estate agents to keep in touch with their past and potential clients. By sharing recent sales information, agents can prove they’re aware of the current market trends and actively help their clients purchase or sell a property.


Additionally, those can also be an excellent way to create new leads. By putting a call to action on the card, agents can solicit recipients to get in touch with them to find out more about selling or buying homes.


It is advised to take help from a professional while designing these cards for the best experience. Brokers can even see the latest property turnover rates with the help of professional Mailing List Pro equipment. Do ample research and see what works best for you and your team.