Hatchem eggs

You all know we love Hatchem eggs.  There Holiday ones were so cute.  When we got the chance to check out the new editions baby boy was jumping up and down.  The hatchem eggs are so much fun for little ones to do and very easy for parents.  Just take the eggs and put them in water and watch them hatch.  It may take a day or 2 so don’t forget to empty out the water and add new water every day they are hatching.  As they hatch you will see their new friends inside getting bigger and bigger till they are completely out of the egg.  You can leave them in the water to get bigger, or if you are like my little guy you grab them right away and start playing.  Either way if fine.

When these showed up he was so excited to see eggs.  He has a weird thing with eggs he thinks they are the most fun thing’s in the world.  So when we gave them to him it took some convincing for him to let them go into the water.  He stood next to them for over 4 hours stirring them with a spoon and would not leave there side.  When we finally convinced him they would be there tomorrow morning he agreed to go to bed.lol we got up the next morning and he was so excited to see a kitty poking out of one.  He ran over grabbed a paper towel and got his kitty and he has not let go of it for hours.  He keep on checking  the other eggs threw out the day and got just as excited to see a blue bird and a green frog come out of the other ones.  These were truly a blast for my little guy.

I would recommend them to everyone

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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