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Kathys Slowcooker Chuch Roast

chuck roast beef cut.

Brown beef in sauce pan with red wine on high to medium heat for 5-8 minutes


some herbs Italian seasoning,Garlic,salt Pepper whatever.

Beef broth 2 cans with water.

celery,carrots,onions, and sliced cleaned peeled potatoes.

Put everything in crock pot together on low heat all day long.


Vickies Slow Cooker

my recipe for the crockpot is ..

porkchops you put them in crockpot before bed you add the water and cream of mushroom or chicken which ever you prefer 

i cut up bell peppers red orange yellow ones and let this simmer n slow cook all nite long .

when it is dinner time this will fall apart because it is so tender and it is super easy ..and yummy

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