GooToobz and DoodleJamz

We got the GooToobz free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are our own

We got a chance to play with these at Sweet Suite and I loved them.  As you know I have a little one who loves sensory toys and the GooToobz are so much fun.  You can get lost in the squishiness and just relax way.  They have a few different designs you can play with I love the GooToobz soda the best.

If you have a little one or a big one that could use a nice sensory toy to help them relax or you just need one to get you threw a work day I totally recommend the GooToobz.


The new GooToobz Sips and GooToobz Gamers are a line of transparent, sensory tubes filled with a satisfying mix of goo, glitter and beads – super on trend! GooToobz Sips are designed to look just like favorite trending drinks like Bubble Tea, Milk Shake and fizzy Soda Pop! GooToobz Gamers are designed to replicate classic video game controllers. Both are available on Amazon!