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Google Pixelbook

As a blogger I get asked a lot about which Chromebook to get for themselves or their creative kids.  I always try and help them do the research on what would be best for them.  Now Pixelbook has made my job a lot easier.  This is new and can help you with any project you are working on.  If you have a kid that loves to create or you have a project due this will help you get the job done.

The Pixelbook is  stylish so you will not feel self-conscious pulling it out in a meeting, but it has all the gadgets you need. This is a new high-performance Chromebook and Pixelbook Pen1 with a smart, responsive stylus.  This will chance the way you do things.

Google Pixelbook

Want even better news this Chromebook also has google just say what you normally do “ok Google” and get all the help you need from google.  I love that google is a part of this Chromebook. You have all the help you need even when traveling. You can even access it with Pixelbook Pen 1 simply press and hold the button, then tap the pen on Pixelbook’s screen to get help from your Assistant.

For me I do all my work from home or on the road.  I need something that is fast and can travel with me.  The Chromebook would be perfect.  I can create anything I need for my posts and it can keep up with me.  I have time I need to work fast and have 20 tabs open.  If you are looking for a Chromebook that will keep up with you and your busy life make sure to check out the Pixelbook at BestBuy.

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