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Where are my cloth diapering mamas?  Glow bug diapers makes some of the cutest and most effective cloth diapers on the market.   There designs are so adorable that you can’t help to smile every time you see a little cloth diapered butt run by.  Each diaper has a series of buttons so this great diaper will fit from new born to potty training time.  They inside pad is removable so if it does start to get worn out you can buy more of the inside pads and keep the cute little diaper.  I know we have a few people who think I don’t use cloth diapers why should I buy a few of these.

he did the buttons himself lol

Top reasons weather you cloth diaper or not why you need a few.

  1. These are so much cuter then the disposable diapers
  2. They grow with your little ones
  3. When you run out of disposable diapers at 2 am you will be thanking me for having a few of these around.
  4. The money you will save in just one year can make a nice start to college tuition.
  5. The trash will be less filled every week with dirty smelly diapers
  6. Samsung home actually makes a washer to put right in your nursery for cleaning your diapers.
  7. They also make great potty training pants
  8. If you little one has sensitive skin these are the way to go.  You know exactly what you cleaned them in.

A few little tips and tricks.  Wash the inside pad 3-4 times before using it.  This will make it more absorbent.  If it gets stained and you cannot wash it out.  Leave pad in sunlight for a few hours it will help the stain.  (Yes I know that is amazing I did not know this either till it was pointed out to me).   While you are on their site also make sure to check out there accessory kit.  They have everything you need to help make cloth diapering as easy as possible for you.  They also always post great tips and tricks for people to check out and learn more.  Cloth diapers are a great way for a mom to go.  While it is better for the environment it is also better for your wallet.  Glow bug diapers is the way to go, their unique designed and there commitment to their customers is the highest quality and they are affordable.

Make sure to keep an eye out on their facebook page and sign up for their news letter they have some awesome sales that too good to miss out on.

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