Exfoliating Perfection! 5 Products to Get that Glow

We got samples to try out.  All opinions are our own.


As most of you know I am always looking for some great skin care products.  I love to find ones that will not breakout my face and really do make a difference.  We got to try out samples of these ones and I loved them all.  I did not get a reaction from any of them and they left my face feeling smooth and clean.


Love, Indus Amrutini (Comes with Copper-Crusted Silk Cocoons for effective exfoliation)

A promise in a bottle, this daily-use elixir works to enhance skin radiance. Its power lies in the fusion of precious botanicals from the Indian sub-continent like golden Muga silk (known for its exquisite luster), proven synthetics such as Hyaluronic Acid, and the precision of transformative technological processes like biotransformation. The accompanying copper-crusted silk cocoons complete the treatment – providing gentle, yet effective exfoliation.

REVY Skincare (The cleanser exfoliates and brightens)

REVY® CLEANSE is a natural and gentle foaming gel cleanser with toner that removes all traces of pollution and excess oil without stripping the skin and also locks in moisture. With a hint of grapefruit + lemongrass, this effective cleanser balances pH, exfoliates and brightens while soothing and hydrating.  All clean ingredients.

Lemon Verbena Body Scrub from Brandless

Price: $5

This sugar & salt lemon verbena exfoliating body scrub leaves your skin feeling soft & smooth with an uplifting, fresh & zesty lemon scent. Salt and sugar are natural abrasives to exfoliate skin for all skin types without causing irritation. It is gluten free and cruelty free.

Clear Skin Pumice Scrub 2.5 from Skin by Brownlee & Co

Price: $22

Buff away dead skin cells to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion with the Clear Skin Pumice Scrub! Made with acne-fighting benzoyl peroxide, it works wonders to cleanse and clear your pores, prepping them for treatment. Skin by Brownlee & Co is a black-owned skincare company from holistic acne specialist and esthetician Sylvia Brownlee. She is making a visible difference in the beauty industry with her inclusive brand geared towards bringing out the confidence and glow in each individual.

Eczema Honey Brown Sugar & Face Scrub

Price: $19.95

Eczema Honey has created a special formula that combines that soothing power of Light Brown Sugar with their  unique blend of high quality ingredients that delivers a treat to your skin. Made with Vitamin E Oil, Olive Oil and Grapeseed Oil, these are highly effective emollients that soothe dry skin. The Light Brown Sugar is more gentle than salt and softer than granulated sugar. Exfoliates dead cells from the outer skin and hydrates the skin, it gives the skin a shiny glow. The Beeswax acts as an intense moisturizer. And the Colloidal Oatmeal soothes itching, conditions and gently comforts skin while the Honey, a natural humectant, helps hydrate skin, leaving it soft, radiant, and glowing. Recently launched at Target!

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  1. These all sound nice. I try to do this twice a week.

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