Garlic Bacon Peas

Garlic Bacon Peas

First of all I want to say a huge thank you to Gene Pardini at Princeton By The Sea for some of the best product in the world.  Between him and my dad every time my dad comes and visits I have some of the best product to work with out there.  If you ever head to Half Moon Bay, CA head to Princeton and tell him I said hi and stock up.  You will not find more friendly service or better produce.

These are the best tasting and most UN healthy Peas you will every eat lol.

What you will need

Peas (we peel our own)




First thing I boil the peas for about 10 minutes take out and dry off and place in the fridge while you are doing the rest.

Cut up the bacon into little pieces and cook. The amount is up to you I use a ton hubby loves bacon

When the bacon is almost done add your crushed garlic I use this press. About 2 cloves of garlic

Fry together for a few minutes and add your butter, about 1 table spoon use less if you so desire.

Then add the peas and cook together till it is all warm.  You will see the peas start to plump up again.

If the rest of the food is not done keep on warm stirring every once and awhile, you want to serve them warm.

Then just eat up.