Finance Solutions For The New Year

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After the holidays a lot of us are now is dept.  If you live paycheck to paycheck this can be a huge problem.  Finding the right Finance Solutions can be hard.   We have a few ways to help you take control of your finances that will help you avoid this issue in the future.  Once you start on the road finding the right professionals to help you get even farther can be the key to having it all.


Check your credit score

  Keep track of your credit sore and take their advice on how to raise the score.  Owning a home may seem like a dream, but if you can buy one a lot of time your mortgage will be less then you are paying in rent.  Its worth getting that score up and looking into.


Take care of Dept

  Having dept can not only take a toll on your credit, but it’s another bill you have sitting around gathering interest.  Interest is money you are latterly spending on nothing at all. Even if you have to make little payments make sure you do.  Make your payments on time and extra if you can.  Not being in dept when you start the holidays will help you stay out of dept.


 Sell what you do not use

  I am not saying sell your car, you are going to need that to get to work.  We all have a ton of stuff we will never use again.  Why not sell it?  You can sell on Facebook at a garage sale or on sites like Let it go.  All these can earn you a pretty little penny for something that you were never going to use again anyway. You will be surprised on how much money you have sitting in your home or storage unit.


Meal Planning

  I know it sounds funny, but meal planning can really save a ton of money.  Knowing what you are going to make is going to save you from spending at the store on stuff you don’t need.  It can also save a ton of money on fast food.  Knowing what is for dinner will cut out a lot of the I have no idea what to eat nights.


  Start a Side Hustle

  If you do have some extra time, special talent, or are great at crafts starting a side hassle could be right for you.  With all the craft fairs and the need for unique items now adays you can make some good money doing what you love in your spare time.


  Taking these steps can have you on your way to not be in debt when the next holidays come along.  I know this is a goal for us next year.  I hope this list has helped you.  If you any more tips please feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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