Drop Shot

   Drop Shot from PlaSmart


  Is your kid obsessed with board games, balls, and dice?  Then this is the perfect holiday gift for them this year.  Drop shot is a great game for you and your family it has it all.  Roll the dice move your ball and drop the ball but hope it does not knock you down. It was a great time for all of us.  Of course my son is 5 so eventually he decided we could no longer play and he was going to do it himself for hours. 


  Even though this great game has its own rules you know how 5 year olds can be.  Eventually he was making up his own game and having a blast.  Whether you are playing by the rules or making up your own this was such a fun time.  It was easy to put together it is only 2 pieces so no getting directions out with 50 steps.  The rules were also clear and right to the point.  I love that I did not have to guess what they meant by using confusing language.  This game was also very easy to put away.  It comes apart easily and fits right back into the box.  It does not have a million pieces so you won’t be searching for all the little pieces for the next five hours.


  PlaSmart has a wide range of toys that will not only be fun for your kids but also for the whole family.  Their toys are not only a great price but they are unique.  You will not find these anywhere else.  If you are looking to give and original item this year make sure to check them out.   

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