5 Things Always in my Computer Backpack

We have written this post in partnership with Responsival.  All opinions are our own

When I am traveling, I always have to bring my computer backpack.  I wish I could just throw a few things in my purse and go, but I work on my computer 24/7 and I always need to have it nearby.   I love that this backpack is travel friendly.  It has room for my laptop, yet is not bulky. It also has a double handle on the top.  I cannot tell you how many times I broke a handle on the top of a backpack while traveling.  This one is not only double it is reinforced. It has pockets for everything I need and it is light weight to throw over my shoulder and head out.


These are 5 things that are always in my computer backpack when I travel:


Charging Cords

These days I don’t have just one for my computer and one for my phone.  I also need another cord for my portable chargers. I also have another one for my Fitbit and one for my son’s tablet.  He is always with me.  When I am traveling, normally it’s for my blog and my phone dies quickly. I need at east one portable charger fully charged at all times if I want to take video and pictures.


My glasses

Now I have always traveled with sun glasses (I have a sensitivity to light).  What is new to be is I can no longer read a thing without my reading glasses.  Not even a word.  I love that this bag has a spot right on the top to slip my glasses in.  No more searching through the bag to find a random case at the bottom.


Reusable Water Bottle

I am one of those people that need to have access to something to drink at all times.  I always have my reusable water bottle with me.  After I go through TSA it is so easy to head to the nearest water station and fill up.  It not only saves quite a bit of money when you are traveling because you don’t have to pay for drinks all the time, it is great for the environment.


Electronic Wipes

Everything I own including my computer is a touch screen.  Now that it is harder to travel with liquids I grab a few of the electronic wipes and bring them with me.  It makes it so easy to clean off my electronics on the go and it really helps with the glare on the screen.


Noise canceling Headphones

A lot of the time when I am traveling, I still have movies to review and reels to make.  I love that these not only help block out the noise around me I can sit back and relax and watch my movies and work on my videos while I am on the go.  I get so bored on the plane, and lets me honest, I pay for my own airfare.  I normally do not have the good seat that has the TV that plays movies.


I no longer travel as much as I used to, but when I do travel, I have to have some comfort and having the right tools and accessories with me makes every time I am on the go so much better.  I don’t have to worry about noise, work, my backpack (breaking again) or anything else.  So, start with the right pack and fill it with what you must have.

Let me know below – what is in your backpack when you travel?