Why Comfort Food Is The Best Food Of All


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When you think of the best food in the world, what do you think of? Well, there are several ways to look at it. Rice, grown in fields all around the world and especially by impoverished communities, is possibly responsible for the biggest reduction in starvation worldwide, and so it would be hard to argue that this isn’t the best kind of food out there. Of course, this is more born out of practicality than the actual art of cooking, and those communities should have access to more.


Some might think that those that achieve the highest degree of professional achievement, such as chefs who receive three Michelin stars, are at the pinnacle of cuisine, and in terms of creativity, the freshness of ingredients, and constantly competing to get to the top, that might be true. Yet Marco Pierre White, famous British chef, gave back his stars because he felt that they were meaningless, as he knew more about cooking than those rating him, and felt the fine dining establishment was rather artificial.


In this post, we’ll make the case as to why home comfort food is the best kind of cuisine. Let’s get started:


Comfort Food Isn’t “Too Simple”


It’s easy to think that comfort food is simple, cheap, and basic. But that’s not the case. Comfort food is about making simple ingredients sing to you, and preparing them with love. For instance, find an authentic black folks sweet potato pie recipe here, which is not only culturally relevant, but a fantastic way to make this simple, cheap ingredient sing, feel utterly filling, and also share easily. There’s nothing like being given a slice of something so comforting.


Comfort Food Is Unapologetic


There’s no shame in comfort food, which is why it comforts us. A beautiful beef stew on a winter’s day, comforting baked goods that you can enjoy while watching a movie (like homemade cookies you made previously with your family), and or even chicken and waffles for that truly indulgent tang, there’s no shame in having fun and not feeling as though you have to prove or Instagram everything. The phrase “everything in moderation” applies here, and can be a real spirited boost to your personal wellbeing.


Comfort Food Reminds You Of Home


Comfort food is that which we eat when completely safe, such as in our childhoods or when relaxing at home. Having a special dish that you prepare when you just need to relax can be a good idea, even if that’s just mac and cheese with a little paprika, a mug cake, home made cookies, or perhaps even something specific to your diet, like vegan treats you can truly enjoy, or a cheeky cheese and wine board you enjoy with your partner. Comfort food can be defined as something you wouldn’t think about eating anywhere other than your home – that’s why it’s so special.


With this advice, we hope you can see how and why home comfort food is the best food of all.