How to get eligible for a Canadian government grant for window replacement called Greener Homes?

By now you must have known the Canadian government grant for window replacement called Greener Homes if you live in Canada. These grants are particularly designed to help Canadian people to make their homes more energy efficient. It is said that Canada Greener Homes Grants is even awarding up to 700,000 Canadian homeowners with $5000 grants. This is one of the greatest benefits for homeowners who are still using old things in their homes. By giving the grant money to homeowners, the Canadian government is ensuring that most people are utilizing energy-efficient items in their homes. By handing out the grant money, energy-efficient homes are more attainable for most people in Canada. If the homeowners replace the windows and doors with ENERGY-STAR-certified models, then the government will reimburse them up to $250 per opening through Greener Homes Grant.

Eligibility criteria for Canada Greener Homes Grant

Surely, everyone wants to join the bandwagon of the Canada Green Homes Grant because according to the Canadian Government every homeowner in Canada is eligible for this grant. However, there is a specific criterion that says that one resident per home is eligible for this grant.

To qualify for the Greener Homes Grant in Ontario, you must be able to prove that your home is your primary residence and that you are the owner of your home. For that Canadian must be able to do the following:

  • Complete an EnerGuide evaluation.
  • Complete one applicable retrofit recommended by the EnerGuide evaluation.
  • The retrofit products must be purchased in Canada.
  • Provide valid documentation of any kind of renovation as proof to the Canadian Government.

Which window & door energy efficient solution should you choose?

To receive the Canada Green Homes Grant, you must use the energy-efficient windows & door solutions that are recommended by the government. If your windows and doors are not offering energy savings according to the right criteria, you might not be able to receive the grant as it would disqualify you from getting the grant. It is best to try out the unbeaten reputation of Calgary windows manufacturer and be safe.

Any windows and door company that is affiliated with the Canadian government is good. The EnerGuide evaluation will provide you with the list of companies that carry certified ENERGY-STAR products. Usually, the company personnel will come with initial consultations and offer warranties for their windows and doors. During the consultation, the experts will discuss the details of replacing windows and doors and how they would support the energy-efficient home and your claim for Canada home energy grants.

Lastly, when widows and door installation is done, the energy efficiency will be measured, and the improvements need to be validated before Greener Homes Grant is sanctioned finally. You need to submit proof to the government of what kind of work had been done to your home and how it represents as energy efficiency improvement. The energy auditor can help you do all these things by having pre- and post-audit documents. Furthermore, you need to keep the invoices for all the products purchased and what you paid for the installation.