Campus Book Rentals

If you have not heard of campus book rentals it is a must for any college student.   I cannot tell you the amount of money I spent on books while in college.  Then when the semester was over I could not even sell them back because an author had written one different sentence in the book.  I ended up throwing away so many books that had nothing to do with my major it almost made me sick.  Campus book rentals would have been a big money saver for me and my family.

  When signing up with them there is no fee the price to rent the book is it, and when you are done with them you just send out in the pre paid box they sent with the book .  You can still highlight the book as you normally would.  They just ask you be respectful when doing it because other will be using the book after you.   If you decide that you love this book and you will need it in the future you can also purchases the book.   The prices are also incredible.  For instance for my major I would have had to get Criminalistics : An Introduction to Forensic Science To buy it brand new I would have to pay around $187.00, But to rent it for the semester it would only cost me around $37.00.  That is UN believable.

    They are also a company that does good, for every book they rent they give money to Operation Smile and have committed to donate a minimum of 80 additional surgeries between June 2013 and June 2014.  This is such a fantastic organization to give too and they really make a difference.



They also have a new program for you all.  If you have already bought that book and you want to get more from it you can get back an average of 2-4% more from renting your book out then for selling it.  It s not hard to do just head to the tab on their page to fill out the form and get the books to them.  They will rent them out for you and you will get a part of the money every time they are rented.  This is a fantastic deal for any of you who have a ton of books lying around, and you never got the opportunity to return.

This is such a fantastic idea for a company.  I like the fact that they are helping our college student get their education at a lower cost and they are also doing something great for others with the Operation smiles

To get started head here

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