The Call Of The Wild Movie Review

I got The Call Of The Wild digital download free in exchange for an honest review all opinions are my own.

I totally felt this movie.  We start off with a head strong dog named Buck.  This dog reminds me of my babies.  They are always getting into trouble, but I would not give them up for anything.  When Buck gets locked outside of the house 2 not so good men come by take him and sell him off.

We have no idea where Buck is going, but when he finally breaks out he is stuck on a ship with a guy that I do not like too much.

Buck gets a new owner and a new job as a sled dog.   I seems to like this new owner.  yet there still seems to be a bully in his life which he is not going to stand for.

Bucks life gets thrown for a loop again and just when it seems like he has lost everything again a man that could also use a friend saves him.  Then their adventure together begins. with some ups some downs and some surprising turns along the way.