Brownie Brittle

  Brownie Brittle

 Sometimes my job is so hard.  I had to review some of the best chocolate I have had the chance to review.  Ok so it was actually one of the best times I have had during a review.  Not only does the brownie brittle come in some fantastic flavors it is also only 120 calories per a serving.   I know what you are thinking.  No a serving size is not tiny.  This whole bag is only 5 servings.  I could eat the whole bag and still eat less calories then I would with a slice of my chocolate cake. Of course I never could eat this whole bag in one sitting.


The Mint Chocolate chip has a slight Mint flavor.  I believe the chocolate chips in this one were the mint.  So they taste was perfect.  I could taste the mint without it overpowering the brownie flavor.

The Chocolate chip is fantastic.  The brownie was crispy but the chocolate chips still melted in your mouth.  I have no idea how they did that but it made for a perfect brownie brittle.


The salted Caramel was a perfect blend of sweet and salty.  I had to hide this bag from hubby or it would have been gone in a day.  If he asks anyone you have no idea what happened to


The Toffee Crunch was my favorite.  I could not get enough of this one.  I love the sweet toffee flavor mixed with the brownie.  This one is truly a masterpiece of a snack.  Just go ahead and buy this one by the case.


I loved the brownie brittle and I would tell everyone to get it.  If you have a sweet tooth this will not only satisfy it, it will satisfy it with a whole lot less calories.   

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I would like to note all though I was given this product free to try all opinions are my own I will always be truth-full with you guys.

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