Big Tractors

Bring the farm to your kids with Big Tractors

I grew up in a farming community. We played on farms learned to drive tractors and of course, the FFA was a big part of our community. One thing I learned is that kids should always have a way to learn about farming and of course tractors. Whenever I feel nostalgic about my childhood, I often find myself browsing tractors for sale online. There is just something about those big tires that fascinates me, and to this day I still remember being younger and having to go around and look for some big tractor tires for sale as replacements for when ours got a little worse for wear. When they’re not attached they look comically big, as though they wouldn’t ever actually fit on anything. Whether your kids have the enjoyment of growing up on a farm or not now they can learn all about tractors farming and even a few other fun facts with this great book Big tractors by Holly Dufek and of course brilliantly illustrated by Paul E. Nunn.

This great book will not only bring you threw what each tractor does but also what the other equipment does. This great book will bring you along the history of farming from horses to the first tractors to the new and improved models of today. Casey and Tillus the worm will teach you everything you want to know and more. I am so excited that I got to share this book with my little guy. Not only is it a full illustrated book for your little one to learn but it also comes with this great FFA approved toy A Magnum 370 CVT. Whether you are a home schooling mama or just live in the city and want your kids to learn this is a great book to have in your collection. I would recommend it to everyone.

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