Big Slice Apples

Big Slice Apples Review

Where are my apple lovers?  As I have said many times before my little guy is obsessed with fruit.  Yes this is a good thing but he also does not eat the skins.  So when we are out and about unless I bring a peeler with me he is out of luck.  When I saw the Big Slice Apples I knew he would love them and we had to try them.  Boy was I right he went nuts the minute he saw what was in the box.    These pouches are available in your local target and they are the perfect on the go food to stock up on.


They come if a few different and unique flavor that you will love.

Think Pure:


Blueberry pomegranate

Cherry vanilla

What about Fit:

Banana mango & hemp seed

Pineapple passion fruit & fiber

Raspberry hibiscus & green coffee extract

Luxe:  (These are indulgences, still under 100 calorie)

Boysenberry chocolate

Cinnamon French toast

These apples are slow cooked in their own natural sweet sauces.  They are Non GMO, naturally gluten free, fat free, and most of them are less than 100 calories.  So weather you are watching what you eat or just want a healthier alternative to the on the go food these are perfect for you.   This is a company that not only makes a fantastic healthier alternative but they also give back to their community (both local and abroad).  The Sparkle foundation that was created the same day at the Big Slice pouched not only provides monetary aid, but also helps in lifting the people up and showing them how beautiful they are inside and out.   The sparkle foundation looks for anyone who is down on their luck and need some help from young mothers diagnosed with cancer to teenage moms just trying to make it with their little ones.   I love a company that also gives back.   By the way the Cinnamon French Toast was my favorite I could eat these all day long and be a happy camper.

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I got this to try in exchange for an honest review