Bathroom Remodel

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It’s a new year and a lot of people are looking into home improvements.   This can be a long and tired process for a lot of if you find the right people then it can go smoothly.  One thing I always dream about is a bathroom renovation.  We all have that one room that we would love to upgrade and make more our own for me it’s the bathroom.  There is nothing I like more then a relaxing bath at night.  Of course, I could use more room and a better bathtub.  Here are a few things I would love to upgrade and make it my own.  Come dream with me and add what you would love to do in the comments.


My bathroom is so dark I would love to add some extra lighting for when I am getting ready.  There are so many to choose from making sure you have the right lighting can make a huge difference when getting ready or even taking selfies.



I have just a plain old bathtub.  My mom just recently got jacuzzi tub and I am in love.  Not only can I actually lay down and be fully covered in water but there are nice relaxing jets that’s a huge plus.  When picking the right bathtub, you will also have to remember to check how much room you have.  There would be nothing worse then finding your dream bathtub, buying it and finding out it does not fit.

More room

Speaking of making sure you have enough room. I would love to get more room in my bathroom I share with little guy and it seems like all the room I have is for bathtub toys.  Can you picture a fantastic little sitting area to dry off and put on lotion OMG heaven.  Now depending on your house this may not be possible.  If it is not having the right people to help you pick fixtures and other items for your bathroom can really add some space you never knew you had.


Now even though I dream about this I know one thing.  This is not something I can do on my own.  Home improvement especially with plumbing is not something I will even try.  How do we fix this well that is easy finding a good company in your area like bathroom remodel New Orleans or of course your own area is going to make the process so much easier.  Not only can they help you realize your bathroom dreams they can help with the installation and pricing.