baby Food Jar Organizer

Do you have a little one or know someone that does then this is an awesome home product for you.  I can’t tell you the mess we had in the house with those little baby food containers.  When I got the chance to try this out I was so excited.  Even though little guy is a little older we still have the baby food jars and his biggest thing now is the jello pudding.  These things take over my fridge and get pushed back.  I end up buying more even when I have some.  This worked perfect.  As you can see the baby food jars are not only perfect in here to keep them all together and organized but the jello fits perfect too.  It holds them all perfect and I can still use the top to put other items so it’s like I did not lose any room in my fridge at all.

If your little one is still using a bottle they also have the perfect product for you.  This bottle organizer will keep them all on one place for you without taking up an entire cabinet.  I wish I would have had this when little guy used a bottle.  If your little one is older think of the room you will save having your Sippy cups in it.

The little feet come off so it can also lay flat

These are perfect for any household with little ones, and at just $24.95 you can buy a few and keep your cupboards and fridge organized.  They come in three different colors Blue, White and Green.  They are made in the USA and with recycled materials. If you are looking for yourself or for a great present for someone this product is perfect.

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