6 Tools That Make Your Small Business Look Big

Small companies have many great benefits. They’re more agile, they’re able to switch their direction at a moment’s notice and they have autonomy. Independent of conglomerates, they’re not attracting as many customers as the other companies are, however, that doesn’t mean that they’re not important and worthy of your business. Here’s how you can make your business look larger.

  1. Stick to One Niche

Avoid going off-topic. Stick to one niche and focus on it. Even if you’re the only employee. This will help you to brand your niche and efforts and you’ll be doing business with the same people over and over again. The more these people see you, the more they will believe that you’re the only one to go to for their needs. This will help to grow your business.

  1. Use More Than One Address

The more mailing addresses that you use, the more likely they are to believe that you’ve franchised and have more than one location. Most people will believe that a client with more than one location clearly knows what they’re doing and talking about. You’ll gain more customers when they think you’re larger than life.

  1. Use An 800 Number

When you use a professional voice system and an 800 number you’ll look more professional and established. Use a virtual phone system where callers can navigate to get ahold of you. Don’t use a single numbered extension, use one that allows you to punch in a 3 to 4 digit extension.

  1. Avoid Titles On Business Cards

When you’re the only proprietor, don’t use a title on your business card. Instead, just use your name. You may be the president, clerk, receptionist and more so don’t give yourself a label, it can work against you. They want to speak with the sales rep, that’s you. The president can’t help them with sales. They want to speak with a receptionist to find out what’s available for appointments. You’ll be better prepared to serve your customers when you leave the title off of your business cards. It will also make your company look larger.

  1. Use Only A Professional Website

Pay for a professional looking website. Your customers are weighing in on how professional your business looks so be sure that you’re giving them a professional website to work from. This is a no brainer no matter how large your company is. If you’re seeking to make a good impression, this is the way to do it. First impressions count so give your customers a good first impression and they’ll return to you time and time again. Your business will look larger if you’re looking so professional.

  1. Use A Corporate Mailing Address

Never list your home address as your business address, even if it is. This doesn’t look as professional. Instead set up a corporate address via an office sharing program a parcel service or somewhere that allows you to use this option. It will make you appear larger and as if you have more employees.


On a subconscious level, larger companies mean that you’re more professional and serious about your business. You’ll appear to be more successful and as if you are really a great company. It will appear that you have many employees and that you’re taking your business seriously and doing it right to build it up. If you want your business to appear larger, you’ll want to follow these tips and make it appear to be just that, larger than life. Larger businesses naturally scare the competition as well and that will give you the leading edge in your niche of choice. So, use these tips and make your business appear big.

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