5 Ways to Advertise Your Medical Marijuana Business – The Right Way

Marijuana is and likely will remain stigmatized. You may be aware of its useful medicinal benefits, but you should equally be aware that there are those who abuse it for recreational purposes and many more who frown upon even the mention of the word. We are aware that the purchase and sale of marijuana for any purpose other than medical is against the law. If you are the proprietor of a medical marijuana dispensary, you may be having a tough time attracting the clientele you require to be successful. Therefore, here are some tips for advertising your medical marijuana service that will help you escape the ire of those who are under the impression that it is forbidden.



Remember your intended audience.

Always keep in mind that there are strict rules about acceptable marketing practices in this field. We remind you that if you are not careful, your outreach will have a profound impact on young people. Use marketing tools like leaflets and online ads and take steps to increase their visibility among your target demographic. To prevent consumers from obtaining the wrong idea about your business, you should steer clear of pictures like those seen on vintage cigarette packaging.


Have a hook

You have a split second to capture someone’s attention in this day and age, so your business will need a hook. People want things now and if that’s not possible they will look elsewhere. Hook your target customers in with a gummy machine to produce favored products quickly and efficiently.  


Don’t use social media to try to market your items.

Again, people who are easy to influence use social media, even though some sites have age limits. Furthermore, because of the potentially harmful nature of such content, it is typically not permitted to be uploaded on social networking platforms.


Put some expert SEO work into your site.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and, in a nutshell, it aids in the flow of unpaid visitors to your website. You’d have to rely on channels like Facebook and other social media, or even email marketing, to generate leads in its absence. There is good news, though: Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies tailored specifically to the marijuana industry can and will increase your site’s organic traffic.


It’s also a good idea to start a blog on your website to educate those who are on the fence about trying medical marijuana by detailing the advantages of your products, listing the ingredients in each, and answering any other questions they might have.


Making a logo that stands out is essential.

Last but not least, having a logo that people remember is a great approach to make sure your dispensary is remembered favorably. Keep it clear and concise so that people don’t mistake you for another dispensary of medical marijuana. Come up with a memorable slogan that will represent you and your medical marijuana company.


There we have it, 5 ways to advertise your medical marijuana business – the right way.