5 Most Essential Woodworking Tools That You Should Own

Power tools like cordless drills and table saws play an integral role in any woodworking shop. The market is filled with high-quality products that are reliable and durable. Investing in a good selection of power tools enables both amateur and professional woodworkers to achieve impeccable precision. Although beginners can start working with basic units, it is vital to opt for high rated tools to ensure value for money.

  1. Circular saw


Circular saws are one of the most used tools for woodworking. They can cut any material if you have the right type of blade and know the right technique. Despite being one of the most used power tools, it is always good to review some basic tips that allow you to achieve the expected results.


One of the characteristics that make circular saws such good tools is the ability to change blades. There is a variety of options that are designed to work with a particular type of material and perform precision cuts. The blades can handle different types of wood. Options with fine teeth are designed to make more precise cuts but they require more power.


There are models that incorporate carbide or diamond tips, which makes the saws more durable. This allows users to work with materials as hard as concrete. You should never buy a tool blindly when there are plenty of online sources like Protoolzone’s circular saw reviews to help you buy the right tools.


  1. Miter saw


The best miter saw is one of the most accurate cutting tools. Hence, it is used to handle tasks like molding and trimming. Some of the newer models available on the market have integrated light and laser. The beam of the laser indicates the cutting line.


This type of saw has the capacity to cut soft metallic materials using the corresponding blade. When placing the blade in the miter saw, it is vital to consider the direction of the arrow on the blade. It must match the direction of the arrow that is marked on the blade guard


  1. Jigsaw


This type of saw is suitable for cutting different shapes in material up to a few centimeters thick. With most jigsaw machines, the footplate can be adjusted between 45 and 90 degrees, so that you can make miter cuts. The speed is adjustable for some machines. For hard materials, a low speed is set to limit the heating of the blade.


With the help of special fasteners, some jigsaws can be attached to the workbench with a platform facing upwards, which allows you to work without having to drive the unit. This simplifies the task when working on small workpieces by eliminating the need to fix materials. Many jigsaws are supplied with a parallel stop, a T-shaped guide designed to cut the material parallel to the side edge of the workpiece.


  1. Table saw


A woodworking shop is never complete without a table saw. It is bulkier, thus users should consider the space requirements in the workshop. A table saw can handle various cutting functions. It is designed to cut multiple sizes of wood with efficiency and accuracy. The table promotes stability and convenience.


If you are planning to buy a table saw, you should look at the features and whether the unit fits well within your budget. The unit is likely to be the first large machine tool that every woodworker plans to acquire. A table saw is where your initial and major cutting is going to happen.


  1. Cordless drill


With a cordless drill, you can screw and drill holes efficiently on wood, metal or plastic without having to worry about finding a plug. Unlike wired electric drills, the power of cordless drills is supplied by a battery. These drills are two tools in one, the gear mechanism with two speeds allows you to select the desired speed. The lowest speed is ideal for bolting and higher speeds for drilling.

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