Useful Tips And Hacks To Make Looking After Your Garden Easier!

Looking after your garden can be tricky when you are busy with the kids and at work. It can also be off-putting when the weather isn’t so great as the last thing you want to do is head out for ages in the garden. If you want a low-maintenance backyard, you should think twice before planting anything that’s going to be difficult to take care of. But if your garden is as large as mine and had to go through the process of contacting hydrodemolition contractors for concrete removal, these tips are definitely aimed more in your direction. We can all do with a bit of help once in a while, even if it is something as simple as your garden. Here are some other useful tips and hacks to make looking after your garden easier.



Get rid of any rubbish in the garden

One tip you need to see if you want to make looking after your garden easier is to ensure you get rid of any rubbish in the backyard. If you leave any rubbish out there, and it starts turning into bacteria, it could end up damaging your plants, and you will have to buy some new ones. Therefore, go out there and get rid of any rubbish in the garden after your family has been out there. Make sure your kids avoid the plants so that they don’t ruin them, and tell them to bring in any rubbish if they have been eating out there. If you have any family pets, you need to make sure they haven’t been to the toilet on the plants as well. It will seep into the ground and cause toxic bacteria which will ruin the grass and plants. Try and maneuver them away from the plants so they don’t dig them up and ruin them. If you constantly have other people’s cats in the backyard, it’s time to shoo them away as well, so they don’t end up ruining your plants and flowers. You can get some sprays to put on the plants which will make sure they avoid them in your garden.

Use fake lawn instead of real

Another tip you will want to see to make looking after your backyard easier is to consider using fake turf instead of real. It will mean you don’t have to cut it regularly and won’t have to worry about watering the grass. A lot of families get fake turf as it won’t end up getting ruined by the kids, so it’s a lot easier to maintain. It’s also good if you have a family pet as it will still look great after they have been out there. You will be surprised that a lot of people at first don’t realize that it’s artificial when they come over. You will want to get artificial turf laid properly so that it lasts.



Install an irrigation system

An additional tip you will want to consider to make looking after your garden easier is to install an irrigation system in your garden. It will save you having to go out there to make sure the grass is properly watered every other day. Installing the necessary pipework along with solenoid valves (more information of such products can be found online) helps the system to operate in an efficient manner, restricting water flow when it needs to. You can turn it on and then you can concentrate on looking after other areas in the house. It’s also great if you are headed away as you can leave it on so that it will automatically take care of your grass so that it looks beautiful. You should find a great company to install a simple irrigation system for your backyard. They will ensure it won’t waste water, so it stays as green as possible.


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Build a shed for holding all your garden tools

Another tip to make looking after your garden easier is to consider building a shed out there to hold all your garden equipment. It’s easy to lose your garden tools and accessories if you have to put them somewhere in your home. Therefore, by getting a shed, everything is together so you can easily go out there and find everything you need. You could build your own shed or get a company out to install one out there for you. If you don’t have space in your backyard for a shed, you could also put all your garden essentials in the garage to ensure you have easy access to them.

Make sure to take care of all the tools

You can also make looking after your garden easier by making sure all your garden tools are up to scratch. Go through them all regularly to ensure they are still doing a good job with your garden. You need to clean them after you have used them so that they will be efficient next time. You may need to sharpen tools such as shears and lawn mower blades so that that it saves you time and effort when looking after your garden.


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Choose easier vegetables to grow

Another useful tip to make looking after your garden easier is to make sure you choose easy vegetables to look after. You don’t want something that’s going to be too high-maintenance to take care of that doesn’t grow without a lot of work. You should be choosing vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, and green beans which don’t require much work. These are much easier to look after than vegetables such as cauliflower, onion, and sweet potato which require a lot of maintenance. Here are some further vegetables you should consider growing if you want to make looking after your garden easier.


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Get someone to look after plants while you are away so they survive

You should also be making sure you get someone to take care of your plants while you are away, so they survive the week or two you are away. You could ask a neighbor or a family friend to pop over and water them so that they survive the trip. After all, you don’t want to come home to find lots of dead plants that you have to replace. One trick people use to make sure their plants stay alive while they are away is to fill a wine bottle with water and then put it in the soil. It will ensure the soil stays nourished while you are away. For indoor plants, you could dunk some kitchen paper with water and place the plants on top. As it says in this article, the paper will absorb the water and make sure all your plants have plenty to drink. If you are thinking about getting indoor plants then there are loads of other things that you will need to consider though. For example, what sort of soil is best for the plants (for more information click here). It’s all a learning curve though when it comes to growing plants indoors, but you’ll soon get the hang of things.

If you’re eco-minded and want to organize your garden, it might be helpful to install plastic bollards, my friend did this to his garden and it helped him structure his gardens modern theme.

Use egg cartons to grow your seedlings

Another useful tip to make looking after your garden easier is to use egg cartons to plant your seedlings. As they grow, you can place them in the ground, and the card will decompose naturally. That way, you don’t have to remove them and find somewhere else to put them. You can also place them in individual cups if you want to have them spaced out around the garden. It will make growing them much easier and won’t require much work.

Use coffee grounds to stop slugs and enrich the soil

You can also make looking after your garden easier by using coffee to prevent the plants from being eaten. If you place coffee grounds in the soil, it will deter any slugs from eating your plants. After all, slugs are one of the biggest reasons why plants get ruined and need replacing. Not only this, but coffee grounds can enrich the soil as it’s full of essential oils and fatty acids that soil thrives from. Therefore, use old coffee grounds to help your plants and soil to stay in a good condition.

Use a milk carton as a watering can

Another useful hack you need to make looking after your garden easier is to use a milk carton as a watering can. It’s a great way to water more than one plant at once and make use of old milk cartons which could otherwise end up as waste. All you need to do is to poke lots of holes in the lid. That way, you can go around the garden and easily water your plants. It’s excellent if you have managed to break your watering can and can’t afford to buy a new one.

Use vodka to help flowers stay fresh longer

An additional tip to make looking after your garden easier is to use vodka to help the flowers to stay fresh for longer. As discussed in this feature, you should add a couple of drops of vodka into the water before you use it on the flowers. It stops bacteria growing so will ensure the water stays clean for your flowers.

Use vinegar to make a weed killer

You can also make looking after your backyard easier by using vinegar to make a weed killer. It saves you having to go out and buy an expensive weed killer that won’t work. And you don’t want to have to waste time manually removing all the weeds, Therefore, use vinegar to keep pests away and kill unwanted weeds. It will ensure your plants and flowers are safe from weeds which stop them from growing and getting their required sunlight.


If the above still leaves you groaning when looking after your garden, you could consider looking into hiring a gardener. Look online and in the local newspaper to find someone to take care of your garden. They won’t cost a lot and will come and tend to your garden at least once a week. That way, you can keep your garden looking beautiful without having to take care of it yourself.


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