Ultimate tips for safeguarding your Brazilian hair

You’ve just bought a new Brazilian wig or a bundle of hair extensions from a site like Hot Brazilian Hair. Normally, you would love for it to look as good as possible and to last for a long time. If the product starts shedding, we are quick to judge the manufacturer blaming quality of the product. However, we need to consider that it may also be due to our negligence.

All these hair items are prone to damage. In most cases, the damage done depends on how we took care of it. If you want your wig to last longer, you should follow these instructions.


Proper daily care


Wigs and hair extensions require constant care each and every day. Prior to putting them, make sure to detangle it by using your finger. Whenever you comb it, make sure to do it slowly as you don’t want to shed hairs. Like with real hair, it’s necessary to brush it from the top to bottom.


Hair washing


Similar tricks work when you’re washing hair. Again, you need to start by properly detangling the product and again, you need to be very gentle. Weaves should never be rubbed against each other. In that sense, Brazilian wigs and extensions are different from your own hair. Oil deposits are constantly being created on the top of your head. They can easily damage the extensions and in worst case scenario, they may even cause an infection. Because of that it’s necessary to wash your hair regularly.


Be careful with tools


People may go overboard when it comes to styling. Have in mind that by simply having extensions, you have the wanted style; there is no need to combine it or to try new things. Even though you’re able to dry them and use various tools, you shouldn’t actually do that. Hair extensions are very similar to real hair and they take damage from the same sources. Using a hair iron may seem cool and may revamp your extensions but it will also cause extensive, irreversible damage.


Use natural products


If you’re washing hair extensions, make sure to use natural products. Anything that has too many chemicals can be counterproductive so make sure to shy away from such items. Instead, try going for natural solutions as well as products on a natural basis.


Make sure to properly wash


When washing your extensions, you will have to use conditioner first and shampoo afterwards. Also, whenever using products (even if they’re natural) make sure to rinse them properly.


Additional tips



  • Washing and conditioning is something you need to do all the time
  • Do not be too fancy wish your hair; there is no need to rub it or twist it
  • Detangling is a must
  • It’s much better if you’re able to dry your hair naturally, without using a hairdryer
  • Too much sun can cause damage
  • Make sure to brush your Brazilian wig and extensions downwards as you would with real hair
  • Don’t forget to comb curly hair lace closure with your fingers


  • If in doubt, always check things with your stylist, hairdresser or anyone who knows better


There is a good reason why these products are so popular: they allow us to have hair from our dreams. Even though these bundles are not that expensive and you’re able to buy them on a constant basis, there is no need to lose money on them. In other words, there is no need to ruin your wig before it has run its course. By properly maintaining your products they will last longer, you will have more fun with them and ultimately, you will be more stylish.

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