Turn a House into a Home

Whether it’s your first home or your sixth, moving into a house is an exciting time for many people. However, it’s only natural that you want to transform your house into a home, and put your personal stamp on your new property immediately. Unless you designed and built your house from the foundations up, the color, fixtures and room arrangements were chosen for someone else in mind. It can, therefore, feel overwhelming when trying to redecorate and refurbish a whole new house. It takes time, patience and perseverance to create the perfect home. Through projects big and small, here’s how you can personalize your new dwelling.

The Exterior

Many people focus on the inside of the house, but what’s the point in spending all your efforts and money transforming the interior, if you forget about the exterior? Depending on your building’s type (paneling, brick, etc.), personalizing the outside of your home can range from difficult to easy.

For a quick fix, paint the front door. Choose a color that best suits you, and change the locks, door knocker and letter box. Not only does this give a fresh look to your home, but changing the locks is also highly recommended for safety reasons. Also apply a new coat of paint to your windows, and if you have paneling, update the paintwork there, too.

If you’ve got a green thumb, also dedicate a few weekends redoing the front (and back) yard. Remove dead plants and weeds; cut back trees which cast a shadow over your home, and replant flowers which are colorful and easy to look after. If you don’t have a lot of free time to be spent in the garden, hire a gardener. For garden pathways or driveways, implement outdoor lighting such as spot lights or lanterns.

Keeping the exterior of your home well-kept will not only improve your curb appeal, but it will also make your property more welcoming to you and your neighborhood.

The Kitchen

An entire kitchen refurb can be expensive, however, if it’s in your budget and you don’t like what’s already in place, rip it out and start over. If you’re not blessed with a large kitchen and dining room, consider knocking down any walls between the two, and implement a breakfast bar or island. Keep your kitchen open and airy, and have appliances placed appropriately. You want your fridge near open worktops, and for ease of use, having your appliances lifted off the ground is not only better for your back, but having a raised dishwasher makes loading and unloading much easier and it looks aesthetically pleasing, too. You should also replace your cooker unit with built-in ovens, and have a separate hob which is placed on a worktop if you want a more modern kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in the house. It gets the most foot traffic, and people will be using it throughout the day and night. An entire refurb to the kitchen that is completely personalized to your needs can make your house feel much more like a home. For example, if you’re big into your wine, move the washing machine somewhere else and use the space to store your bottles.

However, if you cannot afford a complete refurb, simply change countertops, the doors of cabinets, and the kitchen faucet.

The Living Room

Living rooms are designed for us to relax in – for us to sit down on comfortable couches and watch TV or read a book after a long day’s work. It’s also the room with the most choices and refurb opportunities. A living room can be whatever haven you wish it to be; it can be light and airy, with cream walls and fluffy rugs, or it can be it can be cozy with warm fireplaces and towering bookcases. It all depends on your individual tastes.

However you wish to design your living room, there are a few easy ways to personalize the space. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. You will always be able to find one that speaks to you. Additionally, coffee tables and vases of fresh flowers can work wonders when personalizing your living room; the same goes for cushions, throws and the artwork you hang on the walls.

If you’re lucky enough to have a living room with a bay window, you should also spend time upgrading this space. Bay windows are highly sought after, and utilizing the space will not only improve your property’s value, but it will also make you and your home envy to your friends and family. Repaint the setting, and insert comfortable seating. Have cushions placed at each end so you can comfortably lean backwards, and keep the windows fresh and clean. Have a light blind, such as a bamboo or a Roman blind, so there are no heavy curtains getting in the way.

The Master Bedroom

For starters, the bed is the most important feature in the master bedroom. It is a necessity, and you should opt for the most comfortable and ideal bed for you. Once your bed is in place, personalize your room through details dotted around the room. Customize and design your bedding from VisionBedding.com by ordering a duvet cover, bed sheets and more, showcasing your favorite photo. Hang a mirror, place a chest of drawers and position succulents and cacti on top, sat in mismatching pots. Wrap fairy lights around your bed’s headboard, and if space permits it, hang some artwork. Make sure your bedroom is light and breezy, and place scented candles around the bedroom – studies show that the smell of coffee reduces stress, therefore, fill a candle holder with some coffee beans and place tea light in the center.

Like the living room, include a rug, cushions and blanket for extra touches – especially if your bedroom has hard wood flooring. You want your bedroom is be as comfortable as possible, ready for those colder winter months. Colorful accents such as hanging a tapestry and mismatching furniture can also add charm and sophistication to your bedroom.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. Nowadays, it isn’t simply a room for washing and freshening up, but it is also a place for pampering, and a room to further showcase your personality. If you’re lucky enough to have a large main bathroom, you have the opportunity to install a walk-in waterfall shower and impressive bathtub. You can also have large cabinets and mirrors. However, to personalize your bathroom, you will want to focus on the details. For example, if you’re working with a smaller bathroom, make sure you choose a light color to open up the space. Although this may seem boring, including your personality through the small ticket items means you won’t overwhelm the space. Upgrading taps, cabinets and light fixtures can transform the whole room without spending money on a whole refurb or making the room too busy. It can also determine your room’s overall style. For a modern approach, have lightbulbs simply hanging from the ceiling and black or bronze faucets instead of the typical silver. Hang an impressive and unique mirror; include flowers such as a miniature terrarium that can withstand the steam coming from the shower. You don’t want flowers to wilt.

The Hallway

Many people forget to fully utilize their hallways. They think the space is merely a means of getting from one room to the other. However, there is a lot of unlocked potential; you just have to unlock it carefully to avoid a cluttered finished product.

Hanging artwork is an effortless way to personalize your hallway, but isn’t as exciting. Instead, hang interesting light fixtures, include a long runner rug, and place some small but quirky cabinets. Place vases filled with flowers and ornaments on these cabinets, and hang a mirror or two. However, make sure you don’t place too many objects on the wall.

You can place a wooden bench in the entrance hallway, near the front door, and have shoes neatly placed beneath it. Additionally, you can put up wall hooks and carefully select what hangs from them. If it’s summer, only have a light summer jacket and a straw hat; maybe have your favorite bag hanging there too. When the seasons change, replace the coat with one more apt for the weather. You don’t want to have too many coats in the hallway, otherwise it can become too cluttered, but having your fashion on display can add a personal touch to the room.

Although not considered a ‘hallway,’ the stairs can also be adapted to your tastes. Regardless to whether they’re stripped or covered in carpet, you can easily personalize this space. If they’re wooden, paint them all one color, and then paint the tops of the steps another; alternatively, tile the base of the steps and leave the tops of the stairs one color. For stairs which are carpeted, replace the carpet, or have a runner running up the middle. For extra personalization, and for those who have extra space, place a vase or ornament at the bottom of the steps, up at the top, or somewhere in the middle.

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