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I love traveling, for me when I travel for fun I really don’t make plans until I get there.  You never know what you will find on the way.  When I travel for business it’s a whole lot harder.  I can’t be in my normal mind set of well whatever happens, happens.  I have to transform from fun mama to business mode, for me this is sometimes hard.

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There is so much more that goes into travel when you are traveling for business.  Plus, that fact that now I will be alone hubby does not come with me so if something goes wrong I am on my own.     If you are like me, you can now leave the details up to a company like Statesman Travel to work out.  I love that there is still business around that can help when it is needed.  I not only need someone to work out the details, but can also hold my hand and walk me threw it if I need.

If I worked in a normal 9-5 job most likely the details would be taken care of by someone else in the office and just handed over to me.  I on the other hand am the other person in my office so it is all left to me.  I am great at research and I am great at details, but I am also the only one who works here so I have to do it all.  From the daily work to the miss haps that come across my desk it’s all on me.  I love the idea of being able to pass a little off to someone else and just take a step back and enjoy it.  There is so much more that goes into a business trip and having someone by your side when making the plans could be just what you need.


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