Tiny Pests That Can Cause Big Problems In Your Home

No one likes to think that there is anything that is endangering our families in our homes. But the reality that a pest infestation is actually quite a common occurrence. Pests are usually small like termites or wasps, and they can create some big issues for you and your family. It is best to contact a Pest Control Coventry company, or one near you, to remove these pests as soon as possible. Read on for some more information and advice on what to do, if your home is being overrun by pests.


Fleas always seem to be associated with poor cleanliness and hygiene. But many families with beloved pets know that once they have been outside, they have the potential to bring fleas back in with them.

Fleas are tiny, microscopic bugs that attach themselves to human hair and animal fur. They feed on blood and a bite usually cause a tiny raised bump with a bright red center. The bites are often itchy and can carry blood born diseases such as typhus. So it’s worth getting on top of this problem as soon as possible.

Regularly treat your cat or dog for fleas, every few months. JugDog.co.uk fleas reviews can provide key information about your flea treatments. If you notice that there are already fleas indoors in the carpets or sofa, treat with a specialized powder and spray, Make sure to clear the room human of this as they are quite powerful and not good to breath in. It can take several attempts to clear an infestation completely so keep at it.


There are a lot of similarities between our perception of fleas and bedbugs. Again, bedbugs are associated with unhygienic living conditions. But this is a misnomer, because a beg bug infestation will start when individual bugs are brought in from the outside. You home can be perfectly clean in tiny, but if the hotel you were staying in was not, then you can bring the bug back on your clothes or luggage.


Bedbugs are also blood feeding like fleas, but unlike fleas, they tend to create a redder raised bites, usually in rows. Flea bites are concentrated around the ankles as they jump from the carpet. But bed bugs will bite all over as they have access to you when you are lying down asleep.

There a few different treatment methods to deal with bedbugs including using sodium borate. It is also essential that you minimized places where they can hide, so ensure you room is cluttered. If you have tried several methods and nothing is working, it may be time to call in the professionals.


A wasps nest in the attic is not an uncommon thing, but it can create a lot of anxiety for the homeowner. Large groups of wasps are dangerous as they have painful stings. This danger is amplified if someone in your family is allergic to the venom in the string, which may cause them to go into anaphylactic shock. Of course, people don’t always know they are allergic until they have been stung! A good way of getting rid of wasps has to be a pest control service similar to this wasp removal service in reading or somewhere more local to you. The last thing you want is a hive of angry wasps!

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So, it best to deal with a nest as quickly after you have discovered it. Removing a nest yourself can put you at considerable risk from being stung multiple times. That why it is best to allow a specialist such as https://spartanpestcontrol.com to come in and remove it for you.

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  1. “Removing a nest yourself can put you at considerable risk from being stung multiple times. That why it is best to allow a specialist to come in and remove it for you.”
    This is a great advice as someone who has experienced with/dealt with people who have stung themselves trying to squash a bug is insane

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