Teaching Your Little One To Be Environmentally Aware


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The past couple of decades have seen the majority of us grow more and more aware of our impact on the environment. We now know the true consequences of humans’ excessive energy use, oil leaks, deforestation, habitat destruction and intensive farming. Our planet is in trouble and only we can save it. So, it’s important that your little ones be environmentally friendly. For their sake’s and their future children’s sake’s, it’s important that we look after the planet and it’s vulnerable habitats. You don’t want your grandchildren to never see an orangutan or polar bear now, do you? Children form habits early on in life. So green living from a young age will likely be continued as they grow up and leave home. Here are some of our top tips for getting your kids invested in saving their planet.


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Be A Hero


Every kid loves a good superhero. You’ll notice your children rooting for Superman, Batman or Spider Man in the latest films and cartoon spin offs. Tell them that they could be a superhero themselves. Eco warriors with the mission of saving their planet. Emphasis how their good behavior will save polar bears, give orangutans a safe home and make sure the fish have nice, clean water to swim in. Make environmental awareness a fun game for them. Make them a green cape and eye mask. They’ll be preaching the importance of looking after the planet and its inhabitants in no time.

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Bags For Life


This is an easy one to start out with. Explain how important it is to reuse plastic bags on shopping trips. Most supermarkets offer character themed bags for life. Characters from the latest box office hit will get your child excited about saving animals from coming into trouble with plastic bags. After all, Nemo, Marlin and Dory doesn’t want their ocean full of rubbish, do they?




Children love experiments. They’ll probably have conducted a few simple ones in schools. Science lessons often get your kids growing cress or other plants to show how the sun’s rays can make things grow. Educate your kids on the other benefits of solar power. They’ll be shocked to find out that sunlight can be used to create electricity and heat domestic water. Use solar energy in your home. This will set a good example for them to follow and will also be good for your wallet. People who invest in solar panel installation have a free energy source for life once the panel and installation fees are out of the way.


Tips are taking over huge parts of our planet. Human consumption is too high for us to throw everything we’ve used away. Your kids can be taught that some things we’ve used can be recycled and made into something else useful. Invest in a recycling bin with different compartments for paper, plastic, tins, bottles and food waste. Sorting household waste into the right compartment will be like a fun, puzzle solving game for your little one. Try using old clothes, curtains and other fabrics to make little toys. Your children can keep these for themselves or donate them to less fortunate children.

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